Happy New Year

Cheers to 2020! I hope everyone is as excited about the New Year as I am ambivalent. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the celebrations (drinking, dancing, acting as if I don't have work the next day) as much as the next person, so believe me when I say I'm not bitter. I just cannot... Continue Reading →


My biggest concern as of late... I spent a portion of my Christmas reviewing my IRA - drunk. How can I save more so I can in turn contribute more? Should I continue playing it mostly on the safe side? Is my portfolio diverse enough!? Am I even making enough money to be so focused... Continue Reading →

First Blog Post

I'm pretty sure I'll be keeping this space anonymous. My main intentions of using this is to clear my head. Friends and family have encouraged me to write a book many times. I don't actually think I have anything important or funny enough to go about writing a book and getting it published - so... Continue Reading →

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